Tonique Vivifiant, 150ml


The Tonique Vivifiant is a stimulating leave-in treatment and energizing spray for hair vitality. 
For the daily care of care of devitalized hair. It prevents hair loss, strengthens and energizes your hair without weigh down the hair.                          
Ideal for all hair type.


Spray the product on wet and clean scalp after shampooing. Can be used once between two shampoos (on dry scalp in this case). Massage for one minute then dry or let air-dry. Do not rinse.
To improve results, follow by a relaxing and stimulating scalp massage, hanging head upside down to promote blood circulation to the scalp.

Key ingredients

Acacia collagen : Repairing, Moisturizing, Protective.

Mimosa Tenuiflora : Revitalizing, Soothing, healing.

Beech Extract : Anti-aging, Moisturizing, Energizing.

Contains 95% of natural ingredients.

Why we love it

A less concentrated derivative of Complexe Energisant, Tonique Vivifiant was created in 1992 to provide scalps with all the nutrients they need to remain healthy, day after day. On a mission to develop a practical, easy-to-use product, Jean-Marie Greyl opted for a pump bottle suited to the everyday care of hair lacking tone.

The story of Leonor Greyl began on the fine-sand beaches of La Tranche-sur-Mer, where two young people met by chance on a summer holiday in France.
Leonor was the beauty with lustrous blond hair who caught Jean-Marie Greyl’s eye. Jean-Marie was the tanned athletic bel homme. Their attraction was undeniable, but Jean-Marie couldn’t convince the demoiselle to date him. Not yet, anyway.

Back in Paris, they met again, dated, and fell in love. They also discovered that Leonor’s passion for luxury haircare and styling plus Jean-Marie’s extraordinary knowledge and passion for botanicals were the perfect pairings that the Parisian salon scene needed.
Leonor and Jean-Marie wed in 1963 and in 1968 launched L’Institut Leonor Greyl, which today is a multi-generational family business with global sales, celebrity devotees, and eco-chic prestige.

Leonor Greyl is the love story of haircare innovators and their amorefor essential oils and natural, organic plant-based ingredients long before “green beauty” was in vogue.

Brand Certifications
Leonor Greyl hair care contains high quality natural ingredients and it contains no SLS, silicones, parabens and coal tar. Leonor Greyl is not tested on animals.

Aqua(Demineralized Water) ; Urée(Conditioner) ; *Enteromorpha Compressa Extract(Green seaweed extract, Conditioner) ; Sodium Benzoate(Preservative) ; Parfum/Fragrance(From essential oils, Perfume) ; *Sodium Levulinate (Starch extract, Preservative) ; *Triethyl Citrate(Lemon extract, Antioxidant) ; *Glyceryl Caprylate(Coconut extract, Preservative) ; Benzoic Acid (Preservative) ; **Fagus Sylvatica Bud Extract (Hour bud extract, Revitalizing) ; *Carboxyethyl Aminobutyric Acid(Rapeseed extract, Revitalizing) ; *Agave Tequilana Leaf Extract (Agave extract, Revitalizing) ; *Citric Acid(Lemon extract, PH regulator) *Glycosaminoglycans (Cane sugar extract, Conditioner) ; *Mimosa Tenuiflora Bark Extract (Mimosa extract, Hydrating) ; *Hydrolyzed Soy Protein (Silk protein, Conditioner) ; *Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract (Aloe extract, Revitalizing) ; *Caesalpinia Spinosa Gum(Cassia extract, Conditioner) ; Potassium Sorbate(Preservative) ; Benzyl Alcohol (Preservative) ; *Proline(Amino acid proline, Conditioner) ; *Riboflavin(Cane sugar, Conditioner) ; *Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower Extract (Hibiscus extract, Conditioner) ; *Acacia Seyal Gum Extract (Acacia extract, Conditioner) ; Hexyl Cinnamal (From fragrance or derived from plants, Perfume) ; Benzyl Salicylate (From fragrance or derived from plants, Perfume) ; *Hydrolyzed Yeast Protein (Yeast extract, Conditioner) ; Limonene(From fragrance or derived from plants, Perfume)           

* Natural origin ; ** Certified organic

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