Liquid Soap Tabaco, 100ml


Coqui Coqui´s creation of an exclusive collection of natural liquid soap based on Aloe Vera in tobacco leaves signature fragrance of its Yucatan Collection, the Coqui Coqui Perfumeria’s most popular scent.  

Key ingredient

Aloe Vera, Agua, Polyglycol, Cocoamido Propi Betaina, Triclosan, Cloruro de Banzalconio, Citrol K, Fragrance, FD&C Amarillo No. 5.

Main notes 

An elegant scent of strong, warm tobacco leaves.
Tabaco evokes these mystical, ethereal exotic qualities, with a strong, velvety, yet verdant and light, earthy scent.

Why we love it

Tabaco is a warm, sensual, nuanced fragrance, made from the wild tobacco leaves of Mexico. Known locally as the ‘Sacred Tobacco’ plant, the leaves hold a long history in ancient Mexican medicinal and spiritual tradition, since as early as 1400 BC.

Argentine Nicolas Malleville arrived to the paradisiac shores of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula in 2001, wherehe fell in love with the culture, the flora, and the natural wild beauty and wonders of the area. As a landscape artist and botanist, he envisioned his life project and decided to build his dream home in Tulum. 
In 2003, he met Italian-born Francesca Bonato serendipitously, and the two fell in love. With shared interests in architecture, design, and interior decor, the couple built the Coqui Coqui lifestyle brand from scratch together.

Offering a wide range of natural, hand-crafted scents, Coqui Coqui products are all made and inspired by the flowers, fruits, woods and herbs that are traditional to the region. 


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