Two master-craftmen, Hugo, at the service of Picasso.

Towards the end of 1956, Picasso began a collaboration with François Hugo. This collaboration resulted in the making of plates, compotiers, vases, medallions and statuettes all in precious metals. Picasso kept all the pieces that François made for him for the rest of his life refusing to exhibit them. However, a precise record of this collaboration survives in immaculate detail in the original correspondance kept by the Hugo family. 

Pablo Picasso and François Hugo, Cannes 1960.

Each object was individually selected, design, seen, approved and cherished by Picasso himself during his lifetime. The pieces are all limited editions, numbered and recorded.

Pablo Picasso holding a silver plate 'Visage aux Feuilles' with his wife Jacqueline Roque-Picasso in their house in Cannes.