The Lost Explorer

A voice for nature

The products are made with carefully considered, clean, natural and non-toxic materials that do as little harm as possible to the planet and reflect luxury that is both beautiful and ethical. Three years in development, it has been formulated by David in collaboration with world-class scientists. 

Origin & Philosophy

Founded by David de Rothschild, a National Geographic Emerging Explorer, an activist and trained naturopath. For the past two decades Nature has been his office – trekking across the North and South poles by skis or more recently across the Pacific Ocean in a boat made from recycled plastic. Nature runs very deep...

Wanting to create a new conversation around Nature he started The Lost Explorer as a lifestyle brand. He wanted to flip the whole industry on its head and create a company solely owned by a cause – Nature. 

The Lost Explorer goes beyond the production, cultivation and harvesting of premium ingredients, using Nature’s best to support our health and wellbeing.

The Lost Explorer products are designed with sustainability in mind and all of their profits go to reconnect, restore and preserve Nature.