Tangent GC

Organic care for the precious

Stockholm based TANGENT GC specialises in eco-friendly garment, shoe and skin care products. Tangent GC brand ethos brings great quality products formulated with real care and craftsmanship. Tangent GC set out to provide a superior range of organic products formulated from 100% natural contents, not emanating from the chemical industry or flung off conveyor belts. 

Origin & Philosophy 

Inspired by his grandfather, a chimney sweeper who used to meticulously care for his few items of clothing and always look immaculate, David Samuelsson established Tangent GC in Stockholm. The range includes a skin care line, offering an organic solution to everyday grooming routines.

Regardless of purpose, the entire Tangent GC collection is natural as well as cruelty free. It also features organic ingredients and gentle, chemical-free formulas that clean without damaging the skin, or the environment. Natural scents complete the list of carefully selected ingredients, bringing a touch of nature to your skin care rituals.

Their products naturally and effectively care for all your favourite garments and you, without harming the environment.