Interview : Felix, Head of Social Media and Influence

We were extremely happy to meet with Felix, trendy Parisian man, previously editor for various men's fashion & lifestyle magasines, now at the head of Digital Marketing at J.M. Weston, the French luxury House renowned for its handmade shoes for men.

Home is … 
Home is where friends are!

Adventurer, metropolitan or hedonist?
Slightly metropolitan, slightly adventurer. I’m as confortable in the countryside as in a big city, but, in a few years, maybe more in the fields than in Paris !

Felix's charming bedroom at his friend's house in the French Countryside

What does it mean for you to be a gentle man? 
To be a gentle man is, for me, more a question of attitude. In the manners, obviously in the look and in your daily routine. But, the most important I think is to be true to yourself. 

Most iconic man? 
My grand-dad. For his strength of character, his limitless culture, and his smell. He wore Dior’s Fahrenheit for thirty years, it suited him so well. 

Where do you recommend for a first date? 
A cosy place, not necessairly fancy. Somewhere where you are regular, and where you know which table is the best to see and not be seen. 

The Kafka Kaffe in Vienna

What is your self-care hack? 
A regular and daily care, with adapted product. My routine changes every season, but once you’ve found the perfect care products that match with your skin, don’t let them go. In summer, my self-care hack is lemon juice every morning, and Suzanne Kaufmann’s enzymes peeling. 

Enzyme Peel by Susanne Kaufmann, available on

What is your survival care-kit when you travel? 
A good moisturizer, a good cleanser, and chewing gums.

If you had the power to change one thing in the world, what would it be? 
I wish, without becoming Dalaï Lama, that everyone could just love each other, without any other issues. Love will save us all.

Your definition of happiness?  
Fields all around, sun, and walking the dog.