Contemporary Toothpastes

Marvis; a classic toothpaste created using a long, precise traditional method which guarantees a rich, smooth texture and is therefore especially effective in heightening the intensity of the flavour and creating a refreshing protective and whitening effect.

Origin & Philosophy

Marvis was created in Italy for more than half a century ago. They are world-famous for their classic style and choice of high-quality ingredients.
Manufactured by a leading brand with years of experience, the Marvis toothpaste has been crafted using traditional methods. The result is a creamy, smooth texture, and intelligently formulated flavor profile. 
Marvis reinterprets the concept of toothpaste, turning a simple daily act into the pure pleasure of life, discovery and taste, day after day. The brand is known as much for its striking packaging as much as their products. Packed in to stylish matt tubes with a decorative lid, Marvis toothpaste is a piece of art.