Leonor Greyl

Luxury Natural Haircare Products & Treatments 

Nature has been one of the Greyl family’s core values since its beginnings in 1968. Today, this respect for nature is represented by priorities that help preserve the planet. Products manufactured in France that are natural for hair, not tested on animals and kind to our very precious planet. All of this with improved packaging and a commitment to environmental causes.

Origin & Philosophy

The story of Leonor Greyl began on the fine-sand beaches of La Tranche-sur-Mer, where two young people met by chance on a summer holiday in France.
Back in Paris, they met again, dated, and fell in love. They also discovered that Leonor’s passion for luxury haircare and styling plus Jean-Marie’s extraordinary knowledge and passion for botanicals were the perfect pairings that the Parisian salon scene needed.

Today, Leonor Greyl is still a family business where everyone shares a passion and vision for creating natural products.