Le Baigneur

Handmade organic care for men Made in Paris

Le Baigneur aims to meet men’s new expectations by creating 100% natural, organic care products and favouring ingredients from local productions. 
A range of body and face care products, combining efficiency and traditional know-how with soaps made by hand using the traditional cold process method.

Origin & Philosophy

After a career in the restaurant business, Fabien Meaudre became a soap maker in 2012 when he decided to launch his cosmetic brand Le Baigneur. Faithful to its ethics, he values manual work and French know-how, a non-energy consuming production system where man replaces machine.

Based in Paris, the brand is settled since 2018 at n°5, Folie Méricourt Street in the 11th arrondissement where they design and produce their 100% natural and organic cosmetics.

"Through our manufactured products, we wish to promote the French handwork and expertise. We believe that it is possible to ensure the productivity and profitability of a company focusing on man rather than the machine. In a logic of sustainability and preservation of natural resources, our production system has been designed to be more energy efficient as possible".

Fabien thought his brand around 3 values: High standard: every products are 100% natural, stemming from the organic farming and privileging ingredients of local production; Respect: Fabien chose the paper for its packagings, a noble and recyclable material made in France and Commitment: to social and environmental responsibilities.