The Paris-Effect

Paris has always been regarded around the world as the Fashion Capital of Glamour and Elegance.
You can attend fashion shows four times a year between LArc de Triomphe and the historical area of Le Marais. Recall Les Élégantes during the roaring twenties and the timeless 60s chic silhouettes worn by Françoise Hardy and Brigitte Bardot aka B.B. throughout the Gainsbourg era. But what about the Parisian mens style? Italians are well known for their Riviera elegance, Londoners for their impeccable cut suits and Greeks for their luxury take on sophisticated summer wear. The Gentler investigation begins...

 9:35AM Saint-Germain-des-Prés – Paris 6th

Jazzy Boris Vian vibes, a neighbourhood known for its libraries, art galleries and well-dressed gentlemen. Sitting at Le Bonaparte terrace, a place to watch without being seen. A couple minutes later, a well-dressed man sits next to me. Louis 38, an architect that lives Rue Bonaparte. Despite the heat, hes dressed in a chic but casual linen double-breasted jacket, white t-shirt, blue jeans and sandals, we start talking and he says: « In Paris, men are free. Its a place where many influences meet. Here, in Saint-Germain, its more about sophisticated-casual silhouettes. You dont want to be dressed like on a red carpet to buy your croissants on a Sunday morning. I would call this gently disorganized. It makes our charm! ».

Le Bonaparte, 42 Rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris

3:47PM Rue de Bretagne – Paris 3rd

The hippest area of Paris, where all the cool people meet, in a luxury concept store, but sometimes also on the terrace of a PMU. David 25, has lived here for over 5 years and works in the fashion industry. With an all-black Lemaire look, a twist of colour on his limited-edition trainers. « In Paris, attitude is way more important than the look. We connect with people for their personality, their way of living. Not because theyre wearing the latest Loewe bag. For me, the Parisian guy is not into fashion, but into style. He can wear anything: wearing an old jean and a white t-shirt drinking a coffee on a terrace makes you sexy. Also, grooming plays an important role in our appearance. Nothing better than waking up, applying a face mask and feeling your skin replenished after a long night out - to save your sex-appeal». Pariss magic.

A man in Paris, wearing Lemaire

 6:12PM Rue de Passy– Paris 16th

A quiet residential area, Paris 16this going through a mini revolution. Vintage shops are popping at each corner, small Art Nouveau cafes like Cravan (rue Jean de la Fontaine) are becoming popular again. Hervé 63 - dressed in a printed long coat, brown velvet pants and loafers - was born and raised here. His mother taught him to always have well-groomed hands and an ironed shirt. He also believes in a good perfume: as it tells way more about someone than a watch or a jacket. Paris is all about that. Well thought details. 

Photography by The Sartorialist

Paris a haven for eclectic men? Perhaps, as we know France has always been an avant-garde country, a beautiful capital drawing the Gentlermen full of attitude to a free and rich personality.