Interview with Jean-Charles, Entrepreneur & young father

We had the pleasure to meet Jean-Charles, turning 35 this year. Young father of little Mila, he founded two online sales companies in the automotive field. Jean-Charles is also a model, an activity he has slowed down since he has a family.

Home is... 
My countryside house five minutes from the French city of Aix-en-Provence. Modern but cosy with lots of wood, a swimming pool with a beautiful garden, which requires lots of energy to maintain! As time goes by, I spend less time in the city and prefer the silence of the countryside, that wonderful feeling of being at home surrounded by my family. I also like to entertain friends with a relaxing aperitif-dinner.

Adventurer, metropolitan or hedonist? 
Hedonist, that's for sure! I always wanted to be an adventurer but the truth is unfortunately I’m way too grounded and overthink every detail- a little too much.

Jean-Charles at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc, Antibes

What does it mean for you to be a gentle man? 
To be close to your loved ones! I think that many men find it hard to tell the difference between being strong in their professional life and being gentle with their loved ones. I still see far too much macho behaviours around me, I find this tremendously outdated in this day and age.

Jean-Charles with his daughter Mila

Where do you recommend for a first date? 
It's a good question, which, after 10 years in a relationship, I find hard to answer. I'd say your favourite intimate restaurant, a place where you feel at ease.

Holiday destination? 
I’m an advocate of "going often nearby rather than once far away". I have my habits in Port Grimaud, a small village near Saint-Tropez, with little houses of all colours on the waterfront and private mooring. I feel like I am far away from the everyday life. It's clearly a paradise that is quickly accessible on weekends from my main residence. There are so many places I could recommend, I’m in love with the hustle and bustle of New York and London but also the abandoned beaches in Greece and Ibiza.

What is your self-care hack? 
Quite honestly, almost none. As I get older, I recently started to think about buying a face cream to limit the damage of time. The Gentler is a great way to find a selection of curated products without wasting my time online. I am glad to have found the moisturiser that meets my expectations through the website. I am anti-products that are marketed by "influencers".

What is your survival care kit when you travel? 
It's not in my home that you'll find a toiletry/wash bag! I'm the type who travels with a toothbrush, a good deodorant and hairspray in my luggage. I use the bare minimum; I don't need more.

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Favorite things? 
Doing sports whenever I have free time, no longer for shaping my body as it used to be (during my modelling years), but to recharge and detox. I also like to take care of my car collection, to travel and to receive my friends over for dinner.

An ecological preoccupation that you want to share with us? 
My ecological concerns are growing and I think that this should be the case for everyone. Intensive animal farming, animal suffering and ocean pollution are dramatic for me. Sometimes I get really depressed when I come across videos of activist pages that I follow on the social networks. My girlfriend asks me why I'm watching all this. I just tell her that even though it's sometimes hard to watch, I prefer not to close my eyes.
I haven't eaten meat in 5 years and I’m currently trying to reduce my fish consumption. My partner has followed me in this lifestyle and we are educating our young daughter in this direction. We mainly eat local - organic and forget about all the vacuum-packed vegetables. At home we sort out all the waste. The incivility of some people sometimes gives us the impression that we are doing all this for nothing but I remain convinced that consciences are awakening. I am sure that the next generation will be a little more disciplined and thoughtful than we were.