Interview: Jonathan, a Brazilian soul in Paris

The Brazilian effect - Jonathan our Brazilian gentler soul in his thirties - is living the Parisian dream. Not so long ago, Jonathan used to be a lawyer in the financial market until he decided to change his career for the fashion and luxury field. Over the years, he managed to successfully graduate in six different disciplines "if I had to change everything again, it would not be a problem. Sound changes are always welcomed".

Home is…
To me, home is my safe place, my heaven, and the representation of who I am in a specific moment and my aesthetics. Home is the environment where I want to gather together my loved ones by making them enter into the place that I feel safe. It is my place of celebration and trust. Its where I get to bring friends to better understand myself as a whole.

Adventurer, metropolitan, or hedonist?
I would say a bridge between hedonists and Metropolitan.

What does it mean for you to be a gentle man?
I believe that being a gentle man is much more than societal codes of personal behavior and appearance. It is about love to yourself and respect for others. It is about considering a natural cycle that as every stage in life has its beauty - not meaning that we have to accept the bad side of it. It is about highlighting and celebrating life how it goes keeping an approachable interference that can improve ourselves in a natural way with the only condition of preserving the beauty of a specific time/cycle when it comes to our physical appearance.

Most iconic man?
Colin Firth 

Where do you recommend for a first date?
I don't believe in a first hand place for a first date but rather in conjunction of elements to find the perfect spot. It has to be a mix of both personalities to get the best experience possible, taking into account a blend of both`s taste, personnality, and lifestyle when trying to find the best place without forgetting the effect you want to project.

Holidays destination?
First one would Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil. One of my favorite places on earth. A small village was built by fishermen. Every time I am there i have that feeling that the world just stopped. There is no need to think or care about something that is out that perfect atmosphere.

Second, I would say between IOS, Greece, and Phu Quoc, Vietnam: Both places with simplicity and energy are hard to find everywhere else.What is your self-care hack?
Hairdressers every 20 days.
Dentiste every 3 months - you know, a beautiful smile is your first window.
Gym At leat 3 times a week.
Boxing once a week.
Face mask twice a week. Adding the daily routine charcoal cleanser, moisturizing balm, and a exfoliation rub (twice a week).

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What is your survival care kit when you travel?
If I have to go to the basics, I would say a charcoal cleanser, moisturizing balm, and reloaded exfoliation rub.

If you had the power to change one thing in the world, what would it be?
As humans, we are a part of the world, and we can dictate how to act and how to drive that big machine. As humans, we have some flaws that, if practiced with moderation, would lead us to a different reality. If I had the power to change something in that giant machine, it would be the human's egocentrism. Lets think more about the community, the others, the whole relationships, the modus operandi we established, and think more as global and unique mind.

Favorite things?
I love so many things in life, but if i have to elect some of then I would say my friends and family, I can't live without them. Simple food and good wine. And, the beach. I am not a good swimmer, but I am a madly lover of the sea. That's what I love about vacations. Every time can I am going to the beach with the ones I care about to laugh, enjoy the sun and the sea (those moments can be even more impressive when there is no one around us).