How to start taking care of your skin - Cleansing

As the most important part of your grooming routine, cleansing your face with a gentle cleanser is non-negotiable. It will remove all the impurities and pollution you are exposed to during your day. Taking care of your skin requires a holistic approach! Here’s the first essential step that will help you start taking care of your skin the right way to prevent premature aging, skin pigmentation, stuffiness and dryness absorbed in your pores.

Why should Men cleanse their face?

The skin includes the epidermis on its surface and the dermis deeper down. Because the epidermis is a superposition of several layers, the outermost is composed of dead cells. These layers protect the body against external aggressions. When done properly, cleansing gets rid of all impurities and keeps the skin healthy. It is a necessary prerequisite for a healthier and younger looking skin.

Choose the right product - Different skin types requires different products

Normal to Balanced

Just because you have naturally resilient skin doesn't mean you're cleared from a routine. Make sure to wash gently your face every morning and before going to bed as is recommended with the natural cleanser of your choice.

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Dry Skin

If the problem is a lack of moisture, you should particularly avoid brutal products designed to strip oils from your face. You need products with aloe, glycerine and hyaluronic acids. Wash your face once a day, preferably in the evening and simple rinse with a splash of water in the morning.

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Oily Skin 

Having overactive sebaceous glands who produce too much oil is a condition known as Seborrhoea.
Every morning, you'll need a cleanser that removes all the oil your skin has produced during your sleep. Try cleansers which include a gentle exfoliator. And the evening? Gentler, you need a double cleanse...

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Sensitive Skin

Intimately familiar with redness, bumps, and burning sensations? These might be symptoms of a condition called Rosacea.
Chemical ingredients can trigger a bad reaction. To avoid this problem, you need soothing ingredients like Berberis aquifolium that soften, smooth and naturally moist the skin.

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How to Start

Although you will need to tailor your skincare products according to your specific skin type, there are certain steps that you should be incorporating into your skin care routine, regardless of your particular type of pores.

  1. Start by rinsing your face with warm water with clean hands
  2. With a gentle facial cleanser, applied in circular movements, shift the excess dirt or oil which may have built up during the day
  3. For a deeper clean, use an exfoliating product once a week
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4. Finally, complete your grooming regimen with a moisturiser to nourish throughout the day.

Our Gentler Tip 

Deep facial cleansing is only done in the evening. The skin naturally works at night to regenerate itself. If you cleanse your skin too deeply in the morning, you send an incomprehensible message such as: "all the work you did last night is useless". It might hold a grudge... and make you pay for it with unexpected and unwanted skin reactions !
That said, in the morning too, you can cleanse your skin but more gently, only to get rid of a light sweat from the previous night and eliminate toxins.