Why you should be using a toner in your routine?

‘Cleanse, tone and moisturise’ has long been a mainstream beauty mantra. The belief is, a toner removes anything your cleanser leaves behind, shrinks pores and restores the skin’s pH balance prior to the application of serums and creams. In fact, we’ve selected the best toners in the market. They are alcohol-free, formulated and boosted with active ingredients in order to supercharge your skincare routine.

What exactly is a toner? 

A toner is a liquid-based formula you sweep across your face using a cotton pad. Applied after cleansing, it’s left on the skin rather than washed off. While it’s not strictly necessary, it can be a great addition to a high-performance skincare routine. Toners penetrate fast, delivering a quick hit of hydration and helping to remove dead skin cells. With ingredients such as antioxidants and acids, they provide an extra dose of nourishment and fortification. They can also help to address skin concerns like dryness and sensitivity.

By using a toner, your skin is better prepped for the product that follow! Think of your skin as a dry sponge: if you put a. heavy moisturiser on it, then it won’t sink in but if you make it damp first, it will sink in more easily. The great thing about toners is that anyone can use them. Are you ready to try one?

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