HANDS UP - The ultimate guide to taking care of your hands

Times have changed, the handshakes aren't as common as they used to be but a good hand care routine must be maintained!
Your hands remain a vector of seduction and a sign of distinction in their own right! On the front line, your hands perform many daily tasks and are weakened by the climate, repeated washing and excessive use of hydroalcoholic gel. For all the things they do, it is important not to neglect them.

The Gentler recommends a few easy tricks to keep your hands healthy by avoiding dryness and irritation, without disturbing your skin cells and without using chemicals.

Multiple daily washes - Stop using crappy soaps

Upgrade your soap routine! With all the daily washes your hands go through, it's time to use soap that softens your skin instead of irritating it. An organic soap will be less aggressive than a soap with chemical components.

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Hand Soap, Susanne Kaufmann, available on thegentler.co

Weekly care

For healthy nails, it is necessary to gently cut and file the nails once a week - or maximum every two weeks, depending on the speed of growth of each individual. Do so once you get out of the shower, hot water will soften your nails and cuticles.
Just like your face, it is also necessary to exfoliate the skin on your hands. Exfoliation will remove dead skin and limit the appearance of brown spots and stimulates renewal of skin cells.
Apply the exfoliant on the dry skin of the hands with a light circular motion, rinse, dry and then apply cream.

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Daily Hydration

Men’s skin is thicker, tougher and structured differently than women. The more you wash your hands, the drier they get, which is why it’s important to use hand cream regularly. Get into the habit of moisturizing your hands after each wash by placing a tube next to the sink and also moisturise thirty minutes before going to bed. This habit will quickly become a reflex and you will notice a rapid improvement in the elasticity of your skin.

If you have very dry hands, take your cream in your bag or pocket and moisturize at any time during the day.

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Other option

Use your sunscreen on your hands in summer and wear gloves in winter.
And be careful at night not to tense your hands!