Green + The Gent

Gentleman meets Nature

GREEN + THE GENT is a brand of naturally based facial, body and shaving products specially designed for the men of today. Delivering first-class and effective personal care, the brand comprises a range of men’s grooming products designed to match the lifestyle of the modern gent: authentic, masculine, individual and easy to use. And all without any hidden chemicals.

Origin & Philosophy

The brand was founded in Munich by Frank and Thomas. Having reached a turning point in their lives, the two men felt it was time to break free and finally do their own thing: something with a real purpose.
The idea for GREEN + THE GENT grew out of a reverence for nature, a respect for high-quality artisanship and a passion for minimalist design.

They wanted to design and create products that are sustainable – products that are right not only for men but also for the environment.

Their products feature active ingredients that are sourced regionally, for the most part, and then carefully combined to create a product made in Germany – a product a man can trust.