Coqui Coqui perfumeria

The natural tropical scents of the Yucatan

Coqui Coqui Perfumeria is certainly the most enigmatic and unique lifestyle brand, part of The Gentler.
the gorgeous Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, Coqui Coqui offers a wide range of natural, hand-crafted scents, inspired by the flowers, fruits, woods and herbs that are traditional to the region. 

Origin & Philosophy

Argentine Nicolas Malleville arrived to the paradisiac shores of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula in 2001, where the fell in love with the culture, the flora, and the natural wild beauty and wonders of the area. As a landscape artist and botanist, he envisioned his life project and decided to build his dream home in Tulum. 
In 2003, he met Italian-born Francesca Bonato, and the two fell in love. With shared interests in architecture, design, and interior decor, the couple built the Coqui Coqui lifestyle brand from scratch together.

The heart of Coqui Coqui lied within their perfumeria, in the quiet colonial Mexican town of Valladolid. Traditionally, these early settlers gave the city its deeply- rooted history in perfume-making, as they and the indigenous Mayanas first started collecting the flora of the area. Later, they would start supplying Spain with the most exquisite fragrances and perfumes that were made of scents unique to the Yucatan. Continuing the legacy, Coqui Coqui Valladolid offers an almost monastic atmosphere in a XVI century building that also houses its flagship perfumery, filled with its signature fragrances

It's from a trip in Yucatan than our Gentler co-founder spotted the brand, after having stayed in Coqui Coqui Residence & Spa in Cobà, situated in ancient Mayan pyramids on the Yucatán Peninsula. 
The feeling of serenity, calm and quiet elegance envelops the residence & spa, in perfect cohabitation with nature. Every corner, every detail had these personal touches that offer the culture of this Mexican region.

The memory of their local perfumeria store, surrounded by the fragrant aroma of natural tobacco leaves convinced our team to present you the best of their mystical collection.

Their scents are transportive, encouraging the wearer to escape to a simpler, more relaxed way of life, wherever their imagination might take them.