Alex Carro

Vegan Skincare from Barcelona

Vegan, cruelty and waste-free brand from Barcelona, made with all-natural botanical ingredients combined in innovative, intelligent formulations for maximum impact on skin. Every product Alex Carro made is created with pragmatism and synergy in mind; multiuse, mixable, unisex skincare to compliment modern living.

Origin & Philosophy

Inspired by childhood summers spent in rural Galicia, with its rich variety of flowers, plants and herbs, the founder Alex quickly embraced and explored the natural health benefits of botanicals and their impact in skincare and aromatherapy.

15 years ago, the Balancing Face Oil was born - a true botanical force of nature. A seed was planted, and now all-natural skincare has a new name; Alex Carro, a tribute to her Galician grandmother, Jacinta Carro.

A five-piece skin essentials collection using distinctive, carefully selected natural botanicals gives you everything you need for sensuous, sustainable, next-level skincare.